Classic Craft Cocktail Line

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Our Anti-Vodka Soda

Hailing from the Daiquiri family of cocktails, this drink is a modern-day Gimlet, with the addition of mint and cucumber.  Refreshing and a summertime favorite, while also useful in warding off scurvy (as the British Navy found in the 1800’s), this variation is great year-round.  Ironically, we think now it makes us feel like we're in a spa drinking the perfect cocktail. 

To save you the trouble of muddling fresh mint and cucumber, we've developed a brand new cucumber-mint tincture to get you that in-bar muddle experience like never before.  It'll make any vodka-soda doubter a true believer. 

  • 15 parts (dry) Gin
  • 6 parts Cold-pressed Lime Juice
  • 1 part Cucumber/Mint Tincture
  • 6 parts Simple Syrup 
  • 7 parts Water

Net alcohol content: 20%


Honey, bourbon's nature mate.  

The slight spice from the whiskey is offset by the honey and then balanced out with the sour of the lemon juice.   An ode to the Goldrush Cocktail: rich, luxurious, tangy.  It's basically a modern day classic, of a classic (whiskey sour).  We add some high-proof orange bitters to balance it out a bit more to our palette. 

We designed the bottle to reflect the taste and the ingredients.  The bottle is rich and luxurious, including diamond-cut texture throughout, just like your favorite whiskey glassware.  Yes, we are that obsessive.

  • 15 parts Bourbon
  •  6 parts Honey Syrup
  •  6 parts Cold-Pressed Lemon Juice
  •  1 part Orange Bitters
  •  7 parts Water

Net alcohol content: 20%


Tropical Paradise In Your Mouth

Is there ever a bad time to have a tropical and fruity drink?  No, but this is still the perfect summer drunk (correction: drink). 

You may be surprised to know that rum punch is steeped in centuries of history. In the pirate infested Caribbean of the late 1600’s, pirates and sailors alike were known to be extremely fond of the beverage, which was popular in part due to the tendency of beer to go bad in warmer climates.  

The early colonists brought with them their own traditions and tastes, including many different recipes for Rum Punch which were shared and modified over time. Even our beloved founding fathers enjoyed a good Rum Punch (both Benjamin Franklin and George Washington had there own recipes for the popular drink which can still be found today).  See our Law of 5 Section to learn more. 

  • 15 parts Rum
  •  8 parts Passionfruit Syrup
  •  4 parts Cold-Pressed Lime Juice
  •  1 part Coconut-Celery Bitters
  •  7 parts Water

Net alcohol content: 20%


Margarita Meet Mezcal.  Love At First Sight

We took the standard components of a margarita and gave it a spicy twist and a slightly smokey upgrade.  Mezcal adds another dimension to  margaritas, making them much more complex, and in our opinion, sultry and alluring. 

Mezcal, if unfamiliar, hails from Southern Mexico, most commonly from Oaxaca region, and is similar to tequila in that it’s made from the same agave plant, but here’s the difference. When making Mezcal, the agave hearts, or pinas, are grilled over hot rocks prior to distilling – which imparts a rich smokey flavor. 

  • 15 parts Mezcal
  •  6 parts Agave Nectar
  •  6 parts Cold-Pressed Lime Juice
  •  1 part Jalapeño Tincture
  • 7 parts Water

Net alcohol content: 20%