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    Bourbon Sour by Jason Yu
    Bold, juicy, and could be poured behind the bar as a drink anywhere in the world.  High-rye bourbon bottled at 45% abv in the top chamber is combined with a small-batch bitters with the following ingredients: cinnamon, ceylon cinnamon, molasses, sassafras leaves, sarsaparilla, nutmeg, mace, kola nut. This brings a layered, full-flavored depth along with the fresh lemon and orange juices.  

    Orange juice helps bring down the acidity, which is normally reduced through egg whites, but it also reminds you of its sister cocktail: the Old Fashioned.  Our Bourbon Sour surprised us as a refreshing version of the Old Fashioned, and we imagine it being just as popular.  There, we said it.  :)

    Rum Punch by Bad Birdy
    A tropical paradise in your mouth.  Fresh bananas are infused in white aged rum by Selvarey directly from Panama giving a lightness to the rum not normally found in bars.  Small-batch bitters are added to cut the sweet, and balance this refreshing, tropical drink that we deliberately made not too sweet or syrupy.

    Unsweetened coconut flakes are turned into an in-house syrup, and then blended with fresh pineapple and lime juices.  Pineapple and coconut are the most prominent flavors culminating in a light, refreshing piña colada. 

    To recreate a mint garnish often found in tiki drinks, we infuse fresh, whole-leaf mint in purified water which naturally extracts not only the mint flavor but the dryness notable in the aftertaste.  This helps make the cocktail not too desert-like, balancing the sweet notes with some vegetal in the most delicious way possible. 

    Classic Margarita by Charity K.
    Direct, no frills, perfectly balanced.  We tried all kinds of options, but decided to keep this as simple as possible. Often simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  You can't hide anything.  100% agave blanco tequila made in the highlands of Arrandas, Jalisco Mexico.  We add organic agave syrup and balanced with fresh lime juice.  Slightly citrus forward with strong notes from all the agave.

    Because we don't like swallowing a rim full of salt we pre-dilute salt into the water so you get just the right amount in each sip.  That's the way we roll.

    In-house made orange liqueur, made using local orange peels, is added because we have to.  It's not really noticeable, and we only add the bare minimum because the federal government says we have to to still call it a Margarita.  We don't think it's needed.  #agreetodisagree

    The Eastside by Hawk
    Refreshing, herbaceous, astoundingly-meticulous. Fresh cucumber, fresh mint, fresh lime, sugar and a dry gin: many didn't think we could pull off this classic cocktail. How can we include mint and cucumber, which is normally muddled in the in-bar version?

    Here's how we did it: we blend fresh cucumbers (including the peel), and then double-strain it, and add just a little bit so you get strong vegetable notes but only notes. Secondarily, we infuse fresh, whole-leaf mint (even slapping it a bit before batching - just like at the bar so it's fully activated). We leave it in cold, purified water for 24 hours and it infuses it like a tea, but by not heating it the leaves don't brown.

    After adding fresh lime and simple syrup, the gin botanicals bring together all the herbal and vegetal notes in an elegant spa water taste. This is the perfect gateway-cocktail for those that don't currently like gin.

    Ginger Drop by Root Bitters
    Lemon drop meet Moscow Mule; they had an elegant, light lemon-ginger baby.  

    We use a local, (actually delicious) vodka from LA Distillery, which uses grapes as it's distillate.  The grape adds another fruit dimension without the sweet.  Along with the fresh lemon juice and simple syrup, the fresh ginger gives a slight scratch in the back of your throat that makes the drink slightly addictive.  

    Lastly, the bright small-batch bitters have overtones of grapefruit and hibiscus and underlying spice notes of allspice, ginger and vanilla, adding a fun complexity and 'chewiness' that brings all the flavors together.  


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