Influencer Submission

Bartenders or Industry Professionals

If you have a great formulation and/or a social following, please submit your information below.  We're always on the look-out for up-and-coming or established bartenders to work with. 

Social Media Influencers 

Instagram and Facebook influencers can also collaborate.  If you have a strong and attentive audience online, we can help monetize your account, and grow our audiences together. 

Direct Media:  Present curated content to your audience through your Pages, Stories, and Grids.  Receive regularly scheduled content to share! We make it easy for your audience to love new and exciting content. 


Cocktail Collaboration:  Help promote and curate a cocktail production (single bottle) and receive compensation depending on your contribution. 


Crowdfunding Cocktails:  The crowd -- your followers -- will get to vote whether they want the cocktail you're co-producing.  


If you're an influencer and want to participate, provide your information. 


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