Mixology, Bottled.

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A One-of-a-Kind System

We have the proprietary bottling technology.  Years in the making.  Now, ready.

We have the actual first, fully-integrated refrigerated supply chain in the spirits industry. This supply chain meets the rigorous handling standards of the TTB and FDA regulations. We have an industry insider perspective, with seasoned advisors from the most respected brands in the world. Our team is built by veteran bartenders and mixologists who have built some of the most progressive bars and menus that are responsible for driving the trends in major urban centers. 

Mixology Beyond the Bar

We want to be the first company of our kind in the spirits industry.  We're essentially a cocktail production company, creating unique collaboration with the same ecosystem at the bar, aiming to bring you that live cocktail experience.

We want to make it possible for brands, influencers, bartenders, and customers to connect outside of the bar. Through innovation and design in the experience of serving a cocktail, through the supply chain and through our influencer network. We hope to make it possible to bring your unique idea to consumers.


Explain that Bottle Part, Please? 

 The inner workings of our 2-chamber patent-pending design. 

The inner workings of our 2-chamber patent-pending design. 

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Pre-Bottled, Un-Mixed  

At cocktail bars cocktails are mixed fresh.  Why settle for less? 

Our drinks are pre-bottled but un-mixed.  You twist and enable the citrus and spirits to combine and mix right in your hand.  Pre-mixing fresh citrus with alcohol denigrates the taste.  That's why pre-mixed unrefrigerated "cocktails" available in the store rely heavily on preservatives and heat pasteurization -- giving up flavor and quality.  No longer. 

Cold-Pressed Citrus

Craft cocktails at the most renowned bars use fresh citrus to give you the best drinking experience.  No less will do, and these juices aren't pasteurized.  The chambers in our bottle are pressurized during the sealing process so no preservatives needed.  Just like major leading juice brands above.

Not only is everything un-mixed until you're ready to drink, our supply chain is 100% refrigerated from bottling to distribution through retail.


Your Brand.  Your Story.

Custom cocktail development.  Mixology-as-a-service.