How 2 Outsiders Will Push The Alcohol Industry Forward

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It starts with a hunch. Simon Simonek says start with "why," in his renowned book on effectuating change.  We said: "why not". 

Craft cocktails at the world's best bars are amazing.  Pre-mixed cocktails at the store are, well, far less than amazing.  Most would use other adjectives. 

At the store one day, having to purchase some kind of convenient mixed drink for guests, there were no options.  We were frankly too embarrassed to buy any pre-mixed cocktails because they're so bad.  Instead we purchased a range of craft cocktails we thought we could recreate from our favorite bars in LA.  Going through the process of purchasing an assortment of ingredients, including spending tons for booze and everything, we find ourselves making a mess in the kitchen, not entertaining our guests, and then, of course, making sub-par drinks. 

We knew there had to be a better way.  Why couldn't there be great cocktails at the store?  Why had existing companies failed us?  

How embarassing that an industry as old as civilization itself could produce such low quality products!  The lightbulb went off: we're going to do something about it: we're not sure how, we're not sure when, but we know we're going to do it, and we're going to start now. 

We knew we didn't have a clue about the industry.  But we did have a hunch that better was very possible.  We knew no-one we knew, including ourselves, enjoyed pre-mixed cocktails at the store.  If we could do it, the opportunity would be tremendous. 

Lawrence Cisneros