Experimental Cocktail: Vacuum-sealed watermelon mojito cubes (@MixologyGuide)

"A Bite and a Sip Combo"



Not just for Instagram celebrity-image posting but a great experimental cocktail from Steven Minor a.k.a @MixologyGuide.

He's true to his south Florida roots. One might even say that rum and mojitos run through his veins.  In line with the Cuban flare, he loves to experiment with cocktail and food pairings.  If you're craving that delightful warm-weather flavor smack in the middle of winter, here's one for you to love. 

Vacuum-sealed watermelon cubes compressed with mojito juice.  It's paired with hand-carbonated mojito soda with an ISI carbonation system. It brings a bit of molecular gastronomy-style flair to the world of craft cocktails. 

Want to see more from this experimental master? Check out his Instagram!