Wanting to gift some friends, family, or co-workers? Get Drnxmyth delivered to large groups. Think of us like your cocktail concierge, we'll handle the process from beginning to end. 


How can I place an order for a large group?

Fill out the form here so we can make the process easy. We're available by Email, phone, or text - we're happy to take your order on any channel. If you want to place your order online you can also place an order below for the total amount of product you wish to have shipped. We'll get everyone's addresses for you by phone or email. 

Will the recipients need to show ID?

Yes, this is a critical part of the process, each shipment needs to be received by someone who can verify with ID that they are 21 years of age or older. 

Will each recipient receive tracking info?

Yes, as long as we are provided with their contact information, they will receive tracking info along with updates on the status of their order as it's getting closer to delivery time. 

Where is group shipping available?

For now, Drnxmyth can be shipped all throughout California. New York is next on the list followed by Florida and Nevada.

Since these are perishable, how will freshness be ensured while in transit? 

Overnight shipments are packed in insulated boxes with ice packs to ensure freshness and that drinks stay cold. 

Who is the shipment coming from?

All purchases are transmitted to licensed liquor retailers who are shipping the product via shipping carrier or local delivery driver. In California, the shipping carrier used is Golden State Overnight. 

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