Mezcal Margarita


Margarita Meet Mezcal.  Love At First Sight

We took the standard components of a margarita and gave it a spicy twist and a slightly smokey upgrade.  Mezcal adds another dimension to  margaritas, making them much more complex, and in our opinion, sultry and alluring. 

Mezcal, if unfamiliar, hails from Southern Mexico, most commonly from Oaxaca region, and is similar to tequila in that it’s made from the same agave plant, but here’s the difference. When making Mezcal, the agave hearts, or pinas, are grilled over hot rocks prior to distilling – which imparts a rich smokey flavor. 

  • 15 parts Mezcal
  •  6 parts Agave Nectar
  •  6 parts Cold-Pressed Lime Juice
  •  1 part Jalapeño Tincture
  • 7 parts Water

Net alcohol content: 20%