A Strong Dose of Flavor

Tinctures are alcoholic concentrates of herbs and spices, enabling bartenders to create more depth and complexity in cocktails.

If you're trying this at home, one droplet is plenty (depending on your mood)! 

Benefits of Tinctures


Think like a bartender. Making the drink just right over and over again means employing pro techniques to avoid inconsistency. 

Cut up a bit too much to muddle in the drink? Any pieces get into the drink? Hands on fire from chopping up ghost pepper for that extra whisper of spice? With tinctures, adding a few drops ensures the exact flavor profile every time. 


Need to add some ginger or rosemary to your cocktails?  Good luck, it's a lot of work.  

Using an already-extracted tincture in liquid form simplifies the process of getting the ratios just right for a perfectly balanced drink. 

The It Crowd.  

The best bars in the country are employing tinctures because bitters provide an ability to isolate specific flavors, combine them in unique ways, and create a depth and complexity to cocktails in a convenient and reliable way. 

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