The East Side

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Our Anti-Vodka Soda

Hailing from the Daiquiri family of cocktails, this drink is a modern-day Gimlet, with the addition of mint and cucumber.  Refreshing and a summertime favorite, while also useful in warding off scurvy (as the British Navy found in the 1800’s), this variation is great year-round.  Ironically, we think now it makes us feel like we're in a spa drinking the perfect cocktail. 

To save you the trouble of muddling fresh mint and cucumber, we've developed a brand new cucumber-mint tincture to get you that in-bar muddle experience like never before.  It'll make any vodka-soda doubter a true believer. 

  • 15 parts (dry) Gin
  • 6 parts Cold-pressed Lime Juice
  • 1 part Cucumber/Mint Tincture
  • 6 parts Simple Syrup 
  • 7 parts Water

Net alcohol content: 20%

(Photo credit: Love and Victory Blog)