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Pomegranate Gimlet

To try this recipe, I suggest doing the following:
*1oz Vodka, 1oz Gin, 1oz Lime Juice, 1oz Simple Syrup, 0.25oz Pomegranate Perfect Puree.
*Add one cucumber slice to the shaker, add ice, shake for 20 seconds, double strain & enjoy.

Basically a 2:1:1 Gimlet (2oz Spirit: 1oz Citrus: 1oz Sugar) but instead of the 2oz of Vodka or Gin, I split this to have equal parts Vodka AND Gin to have a nice delicate balance. Not too boring (just vodka) and not too floral or polarizing (just gin). Flavored with Pomegranate and light Cucumber notes, this is a delicious cocktail to be enjoyed on a hot day.

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Adam 'Boots' Brogan Adam 'Boots' Brogan Adam 'Boots' Brogan Adam 'Boots' Brogan

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"Born in San Francisco, but raised in the pubs of London, it’s no wonder that Adam “Boots” Brogan finds himself most at home behind a bar. With over 10 years of experience, Boots has won a number of cocktail competitions in San Francisco and is a contributing writer & mixology expert for and Whether it be at his bar, teaching cocktail classes, or on his YouTube channel, ""The Bootsy Guide"", Boots brings his love & passion of bartending everywhere he goes to spread ""the boozy gospel"". "

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