Rum Punch

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Tropical Paradise In Your Mouth

Is there ever a bad time to have a tropical and fruity drink?  No, but this is still the perfect summer drunk (correction: drink). 

You may be surprised to know that rum punch is steeped in centuries of history. In the pirate infested Caribbean of the late 1600’s, pirates and sailors alike were known to be extremely fond of the beverage, which was popular in part due to the tendency of beer to go bad in warmer climates.  

The early colonists brought with them their own traditions and tastes, including many different recipes for Rum Punch which were shared and modified over time. Even our beloved founding fathers enjoyed a good Rum Punch (both Benjamin Franklin and George Washington had there own recipes for the popular drink which can still be found today).  See our Law of 5 Section to learn more. 

  • 15 parts Rum
  •  8 parts Passionfruit Syrup 
  •  4 parts Cold-Pressed Lime Juice
  •  1 part Coconut-Celery Bitters
  •  7 parts Water

Net alcohol content: 20%

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