We're excited to introduce you to our exciting cocktail agency, and to partner with you on our cold distributed cocktail technology.  Bartender-created craft cocktails, bottled and distributed for the first time. 



The opportunity is huge.  You make drinks now as a bartender or design them to show on Instagram.  Imagine creating a recipe which is made into a bottled cocktail to be sold, leveraging our refrigerated supply chain and bottle technology, earning you income and a legacy in the process. 

Develop an awesome cocktail, promote it to your audience, and become a deal-maker of your drink production. Work to get a drink deal with a brand, a retail customer, or another amazing opportunity.  More details below. 

We have your back.  We'll promote you on our website and social media, and create a DRMXMYTH profile for you on our site.  When a deal is to be had we'll help get it done, and then execute the cocktail production.  To sign up there's no fee or commitment.  We only give opportunities, and only want to work with those who hustle.  

Sign up.  The overview and formal agreement are below.  Let's work together to make the alcohol industry as awesome as it could be. 


Drink Producer

Develop and promote custom cocktail productions, financed by brands or otherwise, to be sold to retail customers, supplied for brand activations, and / or crowdfunded and pre-sold online.

Compensation: up to 50/50 profit share on net revenue and performance =

  • Revenue (minus) direct cost of goods including taxes (minus) shipping or distribution costs (minus) any other direct costs used to acquire or support customer

  • All other direct costs and individual taxes to be borne by each partner

  • Inclusion of 3rd party would reduce our profit percentages

  • Performance based profit share means that partner agrees to pre-arranged qualitative and quantitative goals.

  • Commitment to specific promotional plan and sales targets will influence the profit share split.

  • Profile on company website along with other bartender-influencers



1. Direct To Retail

  • Corporate co-branded partner
  • Independent (no brand involved)
  • DRNXMYTH is distilled spirits distributor and can sell direct to retail without distributor.
    • DRNXMYTH has distribution arm of the company with fleet of cold chain delivery trucks, can service California region
  • Price: minimum $80,000 for 10,000 units paid for by retail customer
  • Influencer profit: expected $10,000 per order. May vary by deal.

2. Experiential marketing

  • Brand finances influencer-created cocktail samples for elite activation (ex: festivals, corporate events, concerts, etc.)
  • Price: minimum $80,000 for 10,000 units paid for by brand

  • Influencer profit: expected $10,000 per order. May vary by deal.

3. Crowdfunding

  • DRNXMYTH and influencer partner work together to fund a pre-order campaign to go to market.

  • Minimum amount to crowdfund: $150,000-$200,000

  • Influencer profit: $30,000

4. Pre-order subscription

  • Executed with strategic delivery app (ex: Saucey, Drizly, Minibar, Thirstie)

  • Through strategic online partner connected to brick & mortar retail

5. Specialty off-premise and events

  • Hotels, corporate events, festivals, elite activations

  • Price: $80,000 for 10,000 units paid for by retail customer or brand sponsor

  • Influencer profit: $10,000 per order

Disclaimer: DRNXMYTH requires 10,000 unit minimum order to meet efficient economies of scale and margin protection. 10,000 units can be spread across multiple SKUs.


Development Details

Formulation Requirements 

  • Develop cocktail formula(s) within the scope of the role and agreeement. 

  • Must fit within the DRNXMYTH cocktail template brief, to adhere to bottling requirements. 

  • Must pass validation study, shelf life study, and possibly visual result study

  • Must meet DRNXMYTH quality control standards: requisite brix ratios, pH balances, not including specific ingredients, etc (included in cocktail template brief)

  • Must include ingredients that :

    • Can be reasonably procured

    • Can be reasonably manufactured at our facility

    • Fit within Cost of Goods target

  • Cocktail template brief will be provided in a separate document *All intellectual property created in production owned by DRNXMYTH.

Content and Promotion

Label Artwork

  • DRNXMYTH can handle and/or collaborate with partner influencer

  • Partner influencer can provide designs within DRNXYMTH label template

  • Regular promotion of bartender-created content on Instagram Grid and Stories, and other available media channels in coordination with DRNXMYTH

  • Specific schedule will be pre-planned in order to finalize agreement and profit share percentage