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4 Drinking Card Games To Jump Start Any Party

Plenty of drinking games can help you enjoy a boring night out with your friends. Consider them a helping hand at a small party you just entered. The music is fine, and everybody is having an okay time, but you can all use some help letting loose!

While there’s an abundance of games that you can play with pretty much any activity you can think of (think anything from watching TV to playing drunk Monopoly), a deck of cards might be your best-case scenario if you have some lying around.

So grab the decks you have, and pick any of the following games. Promise you won’t regret it! Well, unless you brought too much drink to the party, but if you want to take it easy, you might as well just stay in and turn on some solitaire freecell on your laptop.

Circle of Death

We have the classic party starter or finisher, Circle Of Death. To set up shop, you all need to sit in a circle and pick two things: your drink of choice and a dealer of death. That moniker is very important, mind you, because if you call them any other name, you have to take a shot.

The dealer starts things off by distributing cards clockwise/face up. If the card a player gets matches another card on either of its sides, it’s called active. The number on the card tells you how many seconds they have to drink.

The dealer is responsible for counting the seconds while the players are drinking. But, if they get an active card, they count while drinking by tapping on the table.


Beeramid is another classing drinking card game. You lay out 15 cards face down to form a pyramid, with five cards on the bottom and one at the top. After that, every player gets four cards. The dealer flips the card that is at the top.

If one of the players has the same card in their hand (or if someone pretends they do), they can order another player to drink. The amount of time you spend drinking depends on whether the flipped card came from the top or bottom of the pyramid. Top cards require a shorter drinking time, increasing as you go down the pyramid.

The accuser can have multiple matching cards in their hand, and if they do, that increases the drinking time depending on the number of matching cards. Once you’re ordered to drink, you can either follow the order or accuse the accuser of bluffing. If they prove themselves, you have to drink double what you ordered initially, and they return and re-draw the card. If you catch them in a lie, they have to drink as much as they instructed you to drink.

The Beeramid is completed once every card in the pyramid is faced up.

Screw the Dealer

We start with everyone in the group sitting down in a circle. Individually, everyone in the circle becomes the high roller at one point or another. This high roller has to face off against one of you that is chosen to be the dealer. Each person decides who gets that honor (except whoever is the high roller at that time) by drawing a card from the deck. The weakest card determines the dealer.

The high roller then chooses an amount of drinking time that’s called the wager, after which the dealer draws three cards. The high roller guesses three things. The suit of the first card, the exact value of the second, and if the third card is stronger or weaker than the second one.

If the high roller guesses any one of the three categories, the dealer has to drink in the wagered amount of time. If they get nothing right, they drink for the wagered time. The game ends when you have nothing else to drink!


The game of Killer begins by creating a small deck that includes the following cards:

  • One red card.
  • An ace of spades.
  • Black numerical cards in the amount that matches the number of the players
  • After you’ve built the deck, shuffle it up and give the players one card each.

Whoever receives the red card is the Killer, the ace of spades determines the detective, and the black numerical cards are the civilians. After everything is set up, the Killer chooses their victim as subtly as possible. It can be done by a wink or any other way you might think up, as long as the other civilians do not see it.

The victim then drinks their drink, and the detective is in charge of solving the crime. If they get it right, the killer drinks, and if the detective is wrong, they drink. As the Killer, figuring out who the detective is before committing the crime helps because killing the detective will probably get you caught if the detective hasn’t already gone through their drinking supply, of course.

Final Words

So there you have it! There are plenty of other games out there that you can play, even with just a deck of cards, but these are the ones we enjoy the most fun! Get your cards and drinks, pick a game and start the party. And if someone is more of a wine drinker, you can check out Wines 'Til Sold Out (WTSO) and order from their selection of affordable wines. 

We recommend drinking responsibly, but if you’re generally not the luckiest person in card games, the best advice we can give you is to stay inside after the games. We wish you better luck next time!