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    We are a collective of passionate mixologists, and objective engineers. Our passion has been to take the craft of mixology from behind the bar to beyond. We want to give craft cocktails to all of those people who cannot get to their favorite local bartender. We’re doing this with the first ever truly fresh bottled craft cocktails using specialized and patented Twist-to-Mix bottle tech and Cold Pressurization for a truly fresh bottled experience. We pride ourselves on never using fake stuff. That means it’s never heated, or chemically altered, no synthetic ingredients. Everything is cold pressed and truly fresh.

    Some people end up twisting the gold cap first, and this is the WRONG thing to do. What you need to do is twist the bottom chamber clockwise. Give it a bit of muscle and you’ll see it budge and you’ll be able to rotate it to allow the two chambers to mix. The top chamber is where all of the alcohol is and so if you open the gold cap first, you’ll be getting 2.7 oz of liquor down the tubes. Make sure to twist the bottom first, then shake, then serve over ice!

    If you’re ordering for overnight delivery, please make sure you know that we’re using local liquor stores to ship product and they use shipping carriers who will only deliver alcohol to you overnight if you order Monday-Thursday before 3:30pm. If you order after 3:30 on a Thursday, it will be shipped the following Monday for Tuesday delivery. We ship in insulated containers with ice packs. You will receive a text message and / or email from the shipping carrier and the liquor store that references your order and provides a tracking number.

    If you order for hourly delivery in LA, we are working with delivery drivers who are roaming the city waiting for orders in the area to pop up. Sometimes, things happen..car trouble, acts of nature, getting lost, traffic..and so please know that we are doing our every effort to get to you by or before 1 hour! Our delivery timing is between 10am and 10pm.

    Yes, an adult 21+ will need to show the delivery driver ID that proves they are 21+ year or older. 

    Each drink has 16-17% ABV or 2.7 oz of liquor. They’re right under a double cocktail. Very strong and so beware to drink responsibly!

    Absolutely, this is key. The juice is fresh. If you let it sit out at room temperature, it will spoil. If you keep them refrigerated, our Cold Pressurization and proprietary bottle tech will keep the drink fresh for 5 months. You can see on each drink’s gold cap an ‘best consumed by’ date.

    Feel free to enjoy how you please. Alone or with someone, either way we want this to be a tantalizing experience for your taste buds! Of course, you can drink straight out of the bottle but we also recommend pouring out over ice and letting the drink dilute for 20 seconds, then enjoy! 

    Our local liquor retailers currently offer overnight shipping Monday - Thursday each week. The cut off time each shipping day is 3:30 PM PST. If your order is placed after the cut off time it will be shipped the next shipping day. 

    Same day delivery is currently available to the greater Los Angeles area. 

    Our cocktails will last up to six months when kept refrigerated and unopened. However, we recommend you consume them within three months for peak freshness.

    We sure do! We’ve found that ordering pre-made cocktails for your team or group of friends is an easy way to make sure everyone’s experience is consistent on your group happy hour or digital event. Check out our Virtual Happy Hour page to learn more about bulk orders and let us handle your next digital experience.

    We wish the answer was that easy, all of our classic cocktails have been a hit with the rise of virtual happy hours and other digital events. Check out our tips on how to throw the perfect virtual happy hour on our blog!