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Reminder: Drnxmyth does not sell or ship to Consumers. All sales made by licensed retailers, who pay to generate consumer orders. An adult 21+ years old with valid identification must be present to accept the delivery.


What is the return policy?

DrnxMyth Customer Support can help you resolve issues with orders that were fulfilled and delivered to you by licensed retailers of DrnxMyth products.  If you are having an issue and would like assistance please contact the Customer Support Team here

What is the DRNXMYTH refund policy?

Licensed local retailers who carry DrnxMyth products have a strict no return or refund policy. All sales are final. Exceptions to this policy are made if the product has spoiled in transit. 

Drnxmyth does not sell or ship product to Consumers. All sales made by licensed retailers, who pay to generate consumer orders. Delays due to the shipping courier, cannot be refunded. Note: Order processing times and shipment/delivery dates subject to change in the event of a national holiday or during other high demand periods. Please be advised that DrnxMyth nor licensed retailers who sell and ship DrnxMyth products are not responsible for orders shipped to an incorrect address due to customer error. Customers must make sure everything on order is correct before finalizing the order.

By law, refunds or credits cannot be issued in the case of loss, damage, stolen, or perishability. It is encouraged for consumers to purchase Route Insurance during the checkout process. This option is automatically applied to your order unless the consumer chooses to opt-out. Route Insurance covers the consumer's order if it is lost, stolen, damaged, or perishable while in possession of the shipping courier selected by the consumer.  All claims for loss, damage, stolen, or perishability packages must be reported directly to Route within five days of the expected delivery date. 

Many delivery options are provided for consumers to receive their orders successfully, but if Route Insurance is not purchased, a refund or credit can not be processed by the retailer. 

If a consumer feels they received a spoiled item, please email Support at about your experience, and they will assist.