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How Anheuser-Busch Leveraged Technology to Dominate Beer



When new applications of technology meet creative business the effects reverberate for decades.  

Alcohol used to be local, until some German immigrants had vision and gumption, and created the first true industrialized alcohol industry in the U.S.  

Over 150 years ago Adolphus pioneered new uses of scientific discoveries to bring America the best beer in the most convenient circumstances. The result: a century of market dominance, continuing as the world's largest brewer in what is now AB Inbev.

Distribution Technology, Applied

Around 1870, Adolphus help pioneer the application of artificial refrigeration, refrigerated railcars, and rail-side icehouses in the alcohol industry in order to bring people higher quality beer. In spite of the higher operating costs, he decided that people would prefer to pay premium prices in order to get better beer. According to their website , "the combination of these innovations allowed Anheuser Busch to transport and market Budweiser as America's first national beer."

During that era, pasteurization of liquids became the preferred food and beverage processing method to extend the shelf life of highly-perishable goods. This enabled Adolphus, in conjunction with a newly-created refrigerated infrastructure, to ship beer long distances without spoiling, and finally made it practical to bottle and distribute individualized beer nationally. These decisions -- to leverage the latest technological advancements -- forever changed how we relate to and consume beer.

In case you wanted to know what domination means...see below. Exerts from Wikipedia.