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Best Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

Smokey, floral, or sweet, cocktails lovers can appreciate the subtleties of a perfectly mixed drink from the first sip to the last. Whether you know a professional mixologist or an artisanal appreciator, picking the best gifts for cocktail lovers can be a bit of a conundrum.

That’s why we’ve created the ultimate list of gifts for cocktail lovers. 

From bar tools to delivery cocktail services, these gifts will have the cocktail lovers in your life smiling, sipping, toasting—you might even get to share in the libations.

#1 Cocktail Shakers

The best-loved bar tool for everything shaken, not stirred—the cocktail shaker is a sure win for cocktail lovers looking to expand their home bar. 

What may seem like a simple gift actually comes with a few variations. The three most common cocktail shakers are:

  • Cobbler shaker – Perhaps the best bet for a first shaker, the cobbler shaker is a bit easier to use than other cocktail mixers or shakers. A metal or glass tin body with a built-in strainer and metal cap, a cobbler shaker allows for easy shaking, straining, and measuring with its standard 1 ounce cap. It’s the all-in-one shaker fit for any home bar.
  • Boston shaker – Is your cocktail enthusiast mixing at a professional level? The Boston shaker is the choice tool for bartenders across the world because of its simplicity and ease of cleaning. When it comes to making handcrafted cocktails quickly and efficiently, there’s no better option than the simple shaking tin and mixing glass of the Boston shaker.
  • The Parisian – A slightly more illusive shaker for the quirky cocktail lover, the Parisian shaker is similar to a cobbler shaker but typically ditches the built-in strainer for a cleaner design. The Parisian is a great tool and makes for a handsome display with its sleek angles.  A cocktail shaker and a statement piece—like a perfect craft cocktail, it just works.

There are plenty of ways to customize and personalize cocktail shakers or cocktail mixers, from colors and designs to engravings. Spend a little time searching, and you can easily find the perfect cocktail shaker with the right dash of personality to make it an outstanding gift.

#2 Glassware

Unless the cocktail lover in your life is drinking straight from the bottle, some quality glassware is a must-have when it comes to enjoying a drink. 

Proper glassware also adds to the overall experience, allowing a cocktail to look, taste, and feel exactly how it’s supposed to. 

When deciding on a gift, consider any or all of the following versions of bar glassware:

  • Martini/cocktail glass – A cone-shaped glass, either with a stem or a flat bottom, this is a popular cocktail glass for martinis, gimlets, or other popular cocktails and best fall cocktails served “up”—meaning chilled without ice.
  • Highball – Think: tall skinny glass you might sip a vodka-soda or a gin and tonic out of. Highballs are pretty flexible for cocktail styles, and their rims are great for hanging a delectable garnish.
  • Rocks glass – Looking to toast a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or the finest scotch on the rocks? That’s precisely what rocks glass was designed for. These shorter, wider glasses should feel great in the palm of your hand and come in varying designs to accommodate the particular tastes of the most particular cocktail admirer.
  • Shot glass – Small and efficient, shot glasses are a staple of any well-stocked bar, but shots don’t just mean 1.5 ounces of your spirit of choice. Let your cocktail lover experiment with layered shots like the B52, or experiment with fruity classics like pineapple upside-down shots or lemon drops. 

Glassware might seem like a no-brainer for a cocktail lover, so show your giftee that you went above and beyond by picking a glass set that complements the classic cocktails they enjoy—and make sure they don’t shake the package too much before opening. This stuff is fragile.

#3 Delivery Cocktails

For a cocktail enthusiast, there are few things better than a perfect adult beverage. A drink crafted by experts, exploring the vast flavor profiles of their favorite spirits, herbs, and cordials. So why not send them one through the mail?

Through ingenuity and a fair amount of elbow grease, delivery cocktails are now widely available and can stand toe-to-toe with anything poured at your neighborhood cocktail bar.

Delivery cocktails are a modern way to enjoy a bartender quality cocktail experience in your own home, and you can expect the added bonus of:

  • Fresh flavors
  • Unique ingredients 
  • Simple convenience

A delivery cocktail could introduce a cocktail enthusiast to their new favorite drink or reacquaint them with an old favorite reimagined in a new way. Send them a range of cocktails to try their favorites or a gift card so they can pick out exactly what they want.

#4 Blender

Whether your cocktail lover appreciates a frozen daiquiri or an icy margarita, a blender is a great gift to kick up their drink game to the next level. For an icy beverage on a hot summer day, nothing beats a blended delicious cocktail in all its frozen glory.

When it comes to blenders, prices and features can vary greatly, but we’d suggest you prioritize the features such as:

  • Ice-crushing blades
  • Easy to use pour spouts
  • Stainless steel exteriors

Your blender gift could be used to create a variety of delicious cocktail ingredients (syrups, tinctures, emulsions), as well as a classically cold cocktail. With a quality blender, a whole new world of drink options open up—let them explore uncharted cocktail territory.

#5 Cocktail Book

Give the gift of boozy knowledge with a cocktail book. A perfect addition to any cocktail lover’s library, a cocktail book can include:

  • Glossy images of picture-perfect cocktails
  • Detailed recipe for crafting your own beverage
  • Food pair suggestions
  • In-depth interviews with master bartenders

A cocktail book is more than a how-to, it’s an invitation to dive into every aspect of the cocktail experience.

Flip through a few to find the cocktail book that represents their tastes and interests—whether they’re looking to become a tiki drink aficionado or interested in the most experimental cocktails being crafted today.

#6 Bar Cart

Your cocktail enthusiast may already have a collection of spirits, an assortment of cocktail tools, perhaps even their own signature recipe, so where are they putting all their stuff?

A bar cart is a perfect gift for the cocktail enthusiast who hasn’t yet found the best way to store all their favorite booze-related objects. Consider a few different variations of bar carts to determine what might go best with their decor. A few options include:

  • Mid-century modern – Clean lines, gorgeous woods, and minimalist design. A mid-century modern style bar cart is an elegant accessory that can fit in a swanky apartment or a stylishly bohemian house.
  • Metallic – Silver, gold, or brass style bar carts make a bold statement with their gleaming surfaces and solid construction. Whether looking for one with an industrial flair or an art deco-style flourish, you can find a metal bar cart that brings quality and style to the forefront.
  • Recycled/Refurbished – Is your cocktail enthusiast interested in old objects made new? Consider getting them a bar cart made from recycled materials. Repurposed wood, wheels, or even metal pipes are often used to build one-of-a-kind bar carts.

The bar cart is a staple of any cocktail lover’s home. They can prominently display their favorite bottles,  cocktail tools, and trinkets for all their guests to appreciate. Consider adding in a bar tray so they can become the undisputed host-with-the-most when it comes to doling out boozy beverages.

#7 Monogrammed Bar Towels

Spills are basically unavoidable when it comes to mixing drinks. That’s why a bar towel is a necessity. These handy, absorbent, pals are there to soak up the mess, wipe off the bar, and dry off those wet cocktail-making hands. Cocktail lovers are familiar with messes, so why not spruce up the cleaning process with monogrammed bar towels?

Consider personalizing your bar towels with options such as:

  • Name or initials – Give your cocktail lover a classic monogram. Pick a font, size, and color, then add their names or initials, so everyone knows exactly who is pouring the drinks, as well as cleaning them up.
  • Doodle or image – Looking for something a little more visually appealing? Create a doodle, or choose an image that your cocktail lover will instantly recognize. Perhaps a portrait of their face, smiling after a few cocktails.
  • Phrase or joke – Get a few laughs out of your bar towel gift by adding an inside joke, or phrase. They might end up chuckling every time they go to wipe up a spill.

On the surface, bar towels might not seem like the most exciting gift, but with a touch of imagination, you can turn a common necessity into the perfect present.

DRNXMYTH: The Cocktail Gift With a Twist

While anything on this list could satisfy the cocktail lover in your life, there’s one gift we’re certain is sure to turn heads, tickle taste buds, and inspire some serious thank yous.

We’re talking about the handcrafted delivery cocktails from DRNXMYTH.

With our revolutionary dual-chamber tech, your cocktails are shipped with their juices separate from the spirits. All it takes is one twist, and you’ve mixed a stunning cocktail, ready to be poured and enjoyed. Plus, our cocktails are delivered cold, right to your door, so you can appreciate the artistry without ever leaving your home.

Visit DRNXMYTH today, and you’ll never be stuck trying to find a gift for any cocktail lover—you might even consider ordering some cocktails for yourself while you’re there.


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