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Craft Cocktails: A Quick Guide

Craft cocktails are high-end versions of traditional cocktails. They take more craftsmanship and skill on the part of the mixologist and the ingredients are always the finest in freshness and quality. When the mixologist creates a craft cocktails, the presentation is just as important as the drink, so the garnishes are usually spectacular. Craft cocktails take a little longer to create than a classic cocktail and they are a labor of love.
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What is a craft cocktail?

Creating craft cocktails is a popular hobby among some mixologists and a source of pride with career bartenders who take pleasure in creating a drink that is impressive and extraordinary. They cost a little more to make because they use only the finest of ingredients and high-end liquors but if you talk to a mixologist who has a passion for such things, they will tell you the extra cost is definitely worth it. If craft cocktails are sold in commercial establishments then you can be sure there is a hefty premium on these drinks.

History of craft cocktails

When cocktails were first introduced to society it was in the form of spiked punch, that old trick used by teenagers at proms since time immemorial. Brandy was usually the liquor of choice and some oranges, sugar and spices were thrown in for extra flavor. When this became popular, newer and more elaborate cocktails were introduced to mainstream society.
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Bitters were the next step in the evolution of the cocktail. They are usually bitter ingredients like herbs, fruits and seeds and take the cocktail to a whole new level of taste. Bitters can be seen in such programs as Mad Men where the 1950's cocktail plays a big role. The cocktail took a break during prohibition but once alcohol was legal again, the flavors, combinations and colors took off and the proliferation of cocktail mixes was born. Different types of tools were designed to get the most out of herbs and spices like muddlers and the drinks were created to be smooth and silky.

Traditional cocktails were reinvented in craft cocktails

When bartenders and mixologists wanted to get creative with their drinks and create newer and better versions of the old menu, craft cocktails came into being. This became a popular trend because it was fun watching the mixologist take the time to create a masterpiece and the business owners liked that they could change a lot more for these higher end drinks. A whole new branch of training for bartending revolved around these new drinks, and the craft become a spectator sport with beautifully curled garnishes and exquisitely poured cocktails. When you see a true professional create a crack cocktail from scratch, it is a beautiful thing.

It's all about the presentation

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The fun and pleasure in craft cocktails come from the labor in creating them but also in the final perfect presentation. Mixologists will spend more time on the fine touches, the layered alcohol, and the carefully cut garnishes. The looks of these beautiful drinks almost make the drink taste better. The presentation is what differentiates the classic boring cocktail from a craft cocktail made with skill and precision. The best craft cocktails are made by highly skilled, passionate mixologists.

The skill of making fresh craft cocktails

In order to become an expert at something, it is said to take about 10 000 hours of practicing a trade can make you a professional at it. You do need some skill and passion in this particular field as well, but this level of commitment and experience is what separates the classic bartender from the professional mixologist. The crafting of cocktails is something that requires creativity, drive and patience among other things that make someone stand out. There are classes that teach the skill and it is always a good idea to practice as much as you can. Degrees in mixology are available to someone who has a desire to step up their drink mixing game and that includes craft cocktails. There are even companies that offer craft cocktail delivery for patrons who want to enjoy these drinks in their homes.
Professionals are also using their talents to work with manufacturers in creating read to drink craft cocktails that taste delicious and are convenient. Canned cocktails are becoming a popular go-to drink for those who want a specific type of drink but don't want to spend the money getting all of the ingredients to make it. Try a cocktail delivery service for the convenience of having bottled cocktails delivered to your home.