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Elevate Your Happy Hour with Ready to Drink Cocktails

Are you looking for an easy and convenient way to enjoy a delicious cocktail without the hassle of buying ingredients and mixing them yourself? Look no further than ready-to-drink cocktails. These pre-made cocktails, also known as bottled cocktails, bottled alcoholic drinks, bottled mixed drinks, or pre-made cocktails, have become increasingly popular in recent years for their convenience, consistency, and quality. In this blog post, we'll explore what ready to drink cocktails are and how they can elevate your happy hour experience.

What are Ready to Drink Cocktails?

Ready to drink cocktails are pre-made alcoholic drinks that come in various forms, such as canned, bottled, or pouches. These cocktails are usually made using high-quality ingredients, mixed in precise ratios, and then bottled or canned to preserve the flavors and quality.
The convenience of ready to drink cocktails lies in the fact that they eliminate the need to purchase individual ingredients and mix them yourself. Instead, you can simply grab a bottle or can, and enjoy a perfectly mixed cocktail in seconds.
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Benefits of Ready to Drink Cocktails

Convenience and Ease of Use

The primary advantage of ready to drink cocktails is their convenience. These pre-made cocktails eliminate the need for any specialized equipment, making them perfect for enjoying at home, at a party, or even on-the-go. You can take them with you to a picnic, a barbecue, or a tailgate party, and avoid the hassle of carrying around multiple ingredients and mixing equipment.

Consistency in Taste and Quality

Another significant benefit of ready to drink cocktails is their consistency in taste and quality. Since they are made using precise measurements and high-quality ingredients, you can be sure that each bottle or can will taste the same, regardless of when or where you purchase it.


Buying ingredients to make cocktails from scratch can be expensive, especially if you only need a small amount of each ingredient. With ready to drink cocktails, you can avoid this expense since they come in pre-made and pre-measured portions. You can enjoy the same quality of cocktails at a fraction of the cost.

Long Shelf Life

Ready to drink cocktails have a long shelf life, which makes them perfect for stocking up your bar at home. Unlike fresh ingredients, which can spoil quickly, bottled cocktails can last for months, or even years, without losing their quality or taste.
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How to Enjoy Ready to Drink Cocktails

Serving Suggestions

Ready to drink cocktails can be served straight out of the bottle or can. However, you can also pour them over ice to dilute them slightly and enhance the flavor. You can also add a splash of soda water or fruit juice to create a personalized cocktail experience.

Pairing with Food

Ready to drink cocktails can be paired with various types of food, depending on their flavor profile. For instance, margaritas and mojitos are excellent with Mexican or Latin American cuisine, while a Manhattan or Old Fashioned goes well with a steak dinner.

Garnishes and Presentation

To add a personal touch to your bottled mixed drinks, consider adding a garnish or creating a unique presentation. For instance, you can garnish your Bloody Mary with celery, pickles, and olives, or your Margarita with salt and lime wedges. You can also serve them in unique glassware or add decorative straws to make them stand out.
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Ready to drink cocktails are an excellent choice for those who want a hassle-free cocktail experience. They offer convenience, consistency, cost-effectiveness, and a long shelf life, making them perfect for stocking up your bar at home. By following our tips on how to enjoy them, and trying out some of the top brands, you can elevate your happy hour experience and impress your guests with delicious and high-quality cocktails. So, what are you waiting for? Give ready to drink cocktails a try and see how they can enhance your cocktail game.