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Ready-To-Drink Cocktails We Love

Are you looking for a ready-to-drink cocktail that you'll love? Look no further than our list of the best craft cocktails to drink. From refreshing Moscow mules to a smooth Old Fashioned, we've got something for everyone. So kick back, relax and raise a glass to good times!
Ready-to-drink cocktails are an excellent way to save time without compromising on quality. Whether hosting an informal gathering in the living room or a formal event, these pre-mixed drinks minimize effort for the host and provide guests with a sophisticated libation.
Made with premium ingredients and pre-measured for the perfect balance, these are more than your average box of flavored cocktails—they are handcrafted cocktails designed to satisfy distinguished palates. Ready-to-drink beverages offer a convenient option that certainly won't lack flavor.

Tequila Sunrise

This Mexican classic is a fan favorite, combining tequila and orange juice with a dash of grenadine for a hint of sweetness. This iconic drink has a sunset-tinged color which is achieved by adding the grenadine after the other ingredients have been mixed.
tequila cocktails
Tequila Sunrises will be a hit for brunch or an afternoon in the backyard. Ideal for sipping on the patio, it's light and refreshing with just a hint of tartness.

Moscow Mule

Like your favorite tapas bar in Spain, you can now enjoy your favorite Moscow mule all in one glass. This icy cold cocktail, made with vodka and ginger beer, is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.
Aromatic, flavorful, and full of zing, this drink is best enjoyed over ice cubes. A bit of lime juice helps bring out the sweetness while adding a touch of lightness.


Classy and smooth, the classic Old Fashioned is a timeless staple for any occasion. Made with whiskey, bitters, and simple syrup, this cocktail packs a punch of flavor without overpowering your palate.
Old Fashioned drinks are perfect for an after-dinner gathering or small celebration—it has just the right amount of sophistication and can easily be enjoyed by all. Try garnishing with a cherry or orange peel for a subtle splash of sweetness for an extra special taste.

Rum Punch

A classic beachside favorite, rum punch is a light yet complex cocktail. Combining white and dark rums with orange juice, pineapple juice, lime juice, and banana syrup perfectly balances sweet and savory flavors.
premade rum punch
This island-inspired drink will surely be a hit wherever you bring out the blender. Serve over ice or blend with crushed ice for a truly refreshing experience.

Classic Margarita

The classic Mexican margarita is a must-have for any party. A mixture of tequila, lime juice, and triple sec, it's an easy way to make a timeless crowd favorite.
Whether serving it on the rocks or frozen, this bitter yet sweet cocktail will surely please. Garnish with a wedge of lime or orange for a traditional touch.

Strawberry Mojito

A strawberry mojito is a delicious and refreshing drink to cool off on a hot summer day. The combination of rum, lime juice, mint-infused water, and strawberry syrup creates a unique flavor that will tantalize your taste buds.
A hint of soda water helps to give a light and bubbly finish, while fresh strawberries add an extra layer of sweetness. This drink is sure to be the highlight of any gathering! 
bottled mojito

Espresso Martini

An espresso Martini can surely impress your guests. Try this modern twist on the classic martini. This cocktail is made with espresso, vodka, and coffee liqueur for a unique taste that will wake up any palate.
The subtle sweetness of the coffee liqueur balances out the espresso and vodka, creating a smooth and delicious finish. Garnish with a few coffee beans for a chic, sophisticated look. 


This sparkling cocktail is sure to be a hit at any brunch. A blend of orange juice and champagne, it's an easy-to-make drink that will pair perfectly with your favorite breakfast dishes.
For an extra special experience, try adding a dash of Grand Marnier or other orange liqueur. The Grand Marnier liquor will give the mimosa a richer, more complex flavor that will amaze you. 


Pop culture has popularized this sophisticated cocktail, but it still stands as an iconic classic. Combining vodka, lime juice, cranberry juice, and triple sec, it's a delightful mix of sour and sweet flavors.
Try adding a grenadine after the other ingredients have been mixed, as this will achieve the right balance of sweetness to make it a hit with any crowd.
These craft cocktails offer something for everyone, so why not try one today? Whether you're hosting an event or just looking to enjoy a relaxing evening, these drinks are sure to be the life of your party! So sit back and sip away—you deserve it.