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I love the taste of fake banana! – said nobody, ever.

The best cocktails begin with the best ingredients. From the get-go, DRNXMYTH has been committed to sourcing the freshest fruits, vegetables and herbs for our bottles. We partner with local, Southern Californian farms to achieve the aromas and flavors that only real ingredients can get you. Not only is it important to us, but also to our bartenders, AKA, the masterminds behind these concoctions. Like a chef who demands only the finest ingredients, our bartenders are no different. But we know even the best ingredients won’t shine unless they are treated with a little care and a little science.

ready to drink cocktails

To ensure that our cocktails taste like they’re coming straight from behind the bar, every time, we only use cold-pressed juice. Other products get blasted with heat, which only mutes their natural goodness. That’s not really our style. Our approach of cold-pasteurization retains the flavor of peak ripeness and avoids the addition of those dubious “stabilizers”.

This commitment to quality inspired us to pioneer a whole new technology: the two chamber bottle. Our dissatisfaction with other pre-mixed, canned cocktails, drove us to aspire for something better. Our cold-pressed juice and alcohol are kept separate to preserve their integrity. It’s two bottles in one. All you have to do is twist the bottom, give it a shake and you’re good to go. It’s simple, really – our cocktails are ready to drink when you are.

ready to drink cocktails