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Virtual Happy Hour Ideas: How to Improve and Replace Your Virtual Happy Hour

The office space where you talked with your coworkers has been vacant. You have become a remote company with remote teams full of remote workers. You don't remotely know how to keep your team together.

Working from home has turned social distancing into social isolation. Your company Wine Wednesday happy hour just isn't cutting it anymore. You want - No. You need something new to improve and replace your happy hour. You need some virtual happy hour ideas from people who host the best virtual happy hour.

Yes that's us. If you’re looking to host a virtual happy hour, read on.

Virtual Happy Hour Ideas

A happy hour helps with team building and is a fun event for employees to get to know each other. Now that remote work has become more popular,  you may be looking for a new happy hour idea  or tips on how to throw a virtual party.

You know you need a way to actually bring your remote employees together so they don't become job seekers. It's time to replace Wine Wednesday with some new corporate virtual happy hour ideas.

Don't worry. Every idea has booze. It's still a happy hour after all. The hour wouldn't be nearly as happy without a little help.

Get the Booze

A happy hour isn't happy without booze. Provide your company with a pleasant surprise of freshly mixed cocktails shipped directly to them from DRNXMYTH.

Our virtual happy hour kits simplify everything for you. You don't have to worry about a thing with our cocktail delivery service. You just get to provide your entire company with their favorite drinks. You're now the company hero. You're welcome.

Never Have I Ever

Don't just sit around and talk while you drink. Make drinking an interactive activity through some drinking games. A great drinking game to start with is Never Have I Ever. If you have never played "Never Have I Ever," the game is simple.

Each person with a drink in one hand and five extended fingers in the other. You then determine the order in which you will go. From there, you simply make a statement starting with Never Have I Ever _______. Whoever has done that thing takes a drink, and puts down a finger.

To make it a bit more interesting, try to keep the questions surrounding remote work. For example "Never have I ever sat through a meeting without pants." or "Never have I ever had a drink before I was off the job."  You'll get to know your coworkers really well. You can go into breakout rooms to play this happy hour game or you can stay in a single virtual event all together.

Virtual Trivia Game Night

One of the classic social drinking games is the local trivia night. All you have to do is create the same opportunity for your employees. The only rule you need to establish is if you drink on correct answers or incorrect answers. The rest is pretty easy.

We recommend using Kahoot! Once you have created a free account, you can search for trivia games, or create your own trivia game.

Pick a day of the week and send out the link. Before you join the virtual meeting, pick the trivia game you are going to play and choose to host a game. A room will be generated with a unique room pin.

Join the virtual meeting and share your screen in a google meet so everyone can join the game on their phone. From there, play trivia. Just like that, you have a fun team-building game and no one has to share anything personal. The best kind of corporate event.

Netflix Party

Simply put, you know your employees are going to watch Netflix off the clock. Now you can turn their binging into a team-building experience.

Pick a classic hilarious movie like Monty Python and drink whenever coconuts come on screen. Watch a newer show like the Queen Gambit and drink whenever chess is played. Watch Inceptions and drink whenever someone changes dream levels.

This is honestly an all-around win-win situation. Pick something you love to watch, or have wanted to watch. Pick something you know will occur numerous times throughout the show or movie. Drink accordingly. Everyone is happy.

Online Multiplayer

If you have a community of gamers, host a private lobby online in a favorite multiplayer shooter like Halo or Call of Duty.

Play a game like capture the flag. Every time the other team captures the flag, you take a drink. Play a round of team deathmatch. Every time you die, take a drink.

Simply put, get your people in a lobby playing something everyone loves. When the other team succeeds, you drink. You get to game, drink, and bond with your staff. If you can swing it, this is probably your best bet.

Set a Date

With these ideas and some help from DRNXMYTH, you will have the most effective virtual happy hour your company has seen in the past year. Once your order is placed, we will work with you to get freshly made cocktails sent to your employees in time for your virtual happy hour without you having to worry about a thing.

​​If you're ready for a fun zoom happy hour idea, our fun and easy cocktail in a bottle is the way to go. No matter your happy hour theme or game, we are sure our cocktail drinks will be able to elevate any online happy hour to the next level.

To see what cocktails you could get your company, check out our full line of cocktails. Maybe get one for yourself. Just to try. You can expense it.


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