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What Are The Most Important Bartending Tools for a Home Mixologist?

You need a drink. Something strong. Something sexy. But maybe your favorite bar is closed. Or perhaps you’re too lazy to go out. So you've decided to try your hand at becoming a home mixologist.  However, in order to be the best bartender you can be, you are going to need the right types of cocktail glasses and drink mixing tools to handle the job.



Mixology is a fine art, a science, and a show. You probably won't start out like some of our mixologists over here at DRNXMYTH who are the masterminds behind our one-of-a-kind cocktail delivery service, but with practice and some spilled liquor, you'll be well on your way.

Before you can think about what cocktail to make, you have to have essential bar tools to make your favorite cocktail recipes. To make getting started a little easier, here's your guide to the essential drink mixing tools for any beginner bartender.


1) The Bottle Opener

While you may be working towards master mixology, you may just want a beer sometimes. The trusty bottle opener is here to help. This accessory is a staple for every bar cart and bartender kit.

Also, you may have some "friends" that only like beer. Just be sure you've got a bottle opener for your home bar.


2) The Jigger

As you get your cocktail tools together, you need jiggers. A jigger is the tool you will use to measure the alcohol you put in every drink. Since not everyone likes their drinks ridiculously strong, this is a must for accurate and excellent mixing.

Jiggers are a type of measuring cup that typically have an hourglass shape, with each side measuring a different amount. Standard jiggers are 1.5 ounces on one side of the hourglass and 1 ounce on the other side.

There are a variety of jiggers, and some have measurement markings on the inside to help get the perfect amount of spirits if you want to change up the size of the drink. We recommend the jigger made by Oxo. With a rubber grip and clear measurements on the inside, you'll be able to keep mixing drinks with ease when using this professional measuring cup.

Check out the Oxo Jigger on Amazon or check out this in-depth guide to jiggers.


3) The Boston Shaker

If you’re mixing drinks and you have the sudden urge to say "Shaken, not stirred." you know you need a shaker. There are a few types of shakers, but we recommend the Boston Shaker.

The Boston Shaker is a two-piece cocktail shaker, consisting of a glass and a metal tin. The Boston Shaker typically is a 16-ounce mixing glass, with a 28-ounce metal shaker tin.

The purpose of the shaker is pretty simple. You have mixers, and you have spirits. You put them in, you shake em up, and you have successfully mixed the drink. There are a few more things you need to do, but the mixing is done. If you want a shaken cocktail of any kind, you are going to need a proper cocktail shaker.

Or you could just get drinks from your favorite mixologists without the hassle. Click here to order today.


4) The Hawthorne Strainer

Now that you have shaken your drink, you need to pour it into your drinking glass. You don't want all the ice to water down your perfect cocktail. That's where the Hawthorne Strainer comes in.

The Hawthorne Strainer fits perfectly on top of the metal tin from your Boston Shaker. Get your glass, put the strainer on top, and pour your mixed drink. With the Hawthorne strainer, you can pour it open which will get the larger pieces of ice, or closed which will get the smaller pieces of ice as well.

There is also the julep strainer, but it only works with the 16-ounce mixing glass. If you want smaller drinks, be our guest. We just prefer to make the most of our time mixing.


5) The Bar Spoon

The Bar Spoon is a versatile craft cocktail tool in a mixologist tool belt. As you might imagine, the bar spoon stirs drinks. With the spiral handle, stirring becomes a more fluid and simple process.

Additionally, the bar spoon is used for incredibly small measurements. Most bar spoons measure at about a teaspoon so if you want to add just a little of something, the bar spoon is a great choice.

One of the more advanced uses of a bar spoon is drink layering. You can use the back of the spoon to pour more liquor into your drink and create an effect where your liquors don't mix. Makes for a cool looking craft cocktail to impress your friends.


6) The Juicer

With your classic cocktail recipes, you'll need a variety of fresh juices. Nothing beats fresh juice squeezed from a citrus juicer. Like much of mixing, a large part of the fun is the show.

You can get lemon juice or lime juice from your local grocery, but the show is far better when you squeeze it fresh for your guests. Best rule of thumb is to keep your favorite citrus fruits in stock at home so you always have the right fruit juice for any cocktail.


7) The Bar Cabinet

Every home mixologist needs their sacred bar cabinet or bar cart. A stash to keep everything perfectly in its place. It's where you will keep your essential bar tools, ice bucket, any simple syrups, and your liquor.

If you're serious and want to become the go-to hang out once we can have friends again, you may want to install a home bar. With all the spare time on your hands, use the Custom Bar DIY guide from our friends at Porch.


Cheat Your Way To Becoming A Home Mixologist

With these seven tools for home mixing, it’s time to start perfecting your mixology skills. And if you’re searching for inspiration, we have got you covered.

Or you could just explore our full line of perfectly pre-mixed drinks. Made by your favorite mixologists using fresh, craft ingredients. 

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