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Drinking Games For Summer Break

Summer break, it’s nearly here, we can almost taste it. We need a little bit of love and light in our lives, so we’ve racked our brains to find the best drinking games for Summer break, and we hope you won’t be disappointed (if you are disappointed, don’t @ us, this creative stuff is hard work!)

Summer Drinking Games


This one is super simple and easy to set up. Gather around a table in a circle with a large glass (or a bucket if you’re classy) of any cocktail in the center of the table and a cocktail for each play. Each takes it in turns to bounce pennies off the table; if the penny lands in someone else’s glass, they have to drink their cocktail. If the penny lands in the center glass/bucket of cocktail, everyone should down their drink as fast as possible, and place their glass upside down on their head - the last person to finish their own drink has to drink the entire center cocktail. This game is brutal and usually ends in carnage, so good luck and try to avoid penny-related injuries (goggles are optional).

Most Likely To

One of the simplest games you’ll ever play, you can quote us on that! Each player takes it, in turn, to make up a “Most likely to” scenario, ie, most likely to get arrested, most likely to lose their shoes during a drunken night out, etc. Everyone playing the game must point to the person that they believe is most likely to carry out that particular act, that person has to down their entire cocktail. (Yes, it’s basic. Don’t pretend like you have class when you’re playing drinking games, we all know that’s a blatant lie!). One aspect of this game is that you can play it over video chat so message some friends, order some virtual happy hour cocktail kits, and find out what you all think of each other!

Beer Pong

We’re listing this one because it makes us feel like terrible Americans if we ignore one of our time-honored traditions. Create two teams, take it in turns to throw a ping pong ball into other teams’ cups; if the ball lands in their cup, they need to drink their entire cocktail. We tried to make this sound fancier, but realistically, it’s throwing ping pong balls. Into Cups. With Alcohol. 

Flippy Cup

Terrible name but a pretty good drinking game if we’re honest! Create two teams and line them up along a table, facing each other the opposing team. Each person has to take it in turns to down their drink and flip their cup upside down on the table before their opponent opposite them manages to finish theirs. It gets super competitive and gets you very tipsy, very quickly!

Straight Face

This is one of our favorite drinking games of all time, as it becomes ridiculous and hilarious in equal measure; plus, there are no limits to how many people can play, so it’s a great all-rounder. Simply ask every player to write something stupid/funny/rude/inappropriate on individual pieces of paper and put them in an empty glass/basket; each person then needs to take it in turns to randomly pick a piece of paper and read out whatever is on the piece of paper without laughing or cracking a smile. If they fail, they drink. Simple!


Be Safe

As always, we do have to point out that while we want you to have an awesome time (preferably with our Full Bar range of deliciousness), but remember not to overdo it and look out for each other!