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Reposado vs Blanco Tequila

Everyone has that lightbulb moment. It’s that awe-striking thing that zips excitement through your brain, rewires your system, and sets your course for the remainder of your life. For tequila-lovers all over the world, that moment may have started at their first sip of the golden, agave spirit. 

Tequila is the liquor that can bring life to any cocktail and brightens up any day. Anejo tequila, silver tequila, mezcal, and more, the array of tequilas and its cousins – like mezcal – make it perfect for different uses. Tequila’s varieties are as diverse as DRXNMYTH’s cocktail selections, but two tequilas shine particularly brightly: tequila reposado and tequila blanco. 

Though they derive from the same plant, these tequilas could not differ more. Their contrasts are exactly why tequila aficionados love them. Whether you're sipping tequila neat or enjoying one of the many different types of margaritas, it helps to know the difference between the two. Read on to find out the differences between reposado vs blanco tequila and why we’re more than a little obsessed with both.

Tequila—What Even Is It?

Tequila is the crown jewel of the Americas. Produced only in Mexico, this spirit is processed through the slow fermentation of the Weber blue agave plant. The plant’s spiky, sugar-filled tips are baked, mashed, and then fermented to turn the sugar into alcohol. Once fermented, the liquid is distilled twice to produce an extraordinary concentrate. To complete the process, the concentrate is then aged, cut with water, and packaged to provide you with a stellar product.1

While it can be confused with mezcal, it’s beneficial to know the difference between mezcal and tequila when it comes to the two.

Repasado vs Blanco: Comparing the Two

Reposado vs blanco…we know finding the differences may seem as complex as an aged spirit. But thankfully, the differences between these spirits are as short and sweet as a shot glass of tequila garnished with lime and salt:

  • Reposado tequila has been aged for two months to one year in an oak barrel. Reposado tequila-makers infuse other flavors into the spirit, deepening and enriching the taste.

  • Tequila blanco, on the other hand, is tequila that has not been aged at all.2
    Blanco is bright, punchy agave in its purest form (no extra ingredients required). 

That’s the difference in a nutshell. We know you have more specific questions, though, and we’re ready with the answers. 

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Why Do the Differences in Age Matter?

Why does age matter so much when it comes to tequila tastes? Think of it a bit like sibling-order personalities (hold on, we promise this metaphor will make sense in a moment). 

From the perfectionistic firstborns to the free-spirited youngests, the amount of time one spends on earth is a key determining factor behind their characteristics and qualities. With tequila, it’s exactly the same. 

As tequila ages, it transforms from a bright, punchy youth to a smooth, spicy elder. Its varying tastes make all the difference in your cocktails.

If we’re talking families, think of it this way: tequila reposado is the middle child, and blanco is the youngest. 

While reposado has surpassed puberty and entered into an age of maturity, tequila blanco is agave unfiltered: wild, zesty, and raw. Each tequila is riveting in its own right and both prove how—when it comes to aging–we only get better with time.

A Deep Dive Into Reposado

Reposado means “rested” in Spanish. Thus, it’s no surprise that tequila reposado embodies the characteristics of a liquor that’s been woken from a deep, nourishing slumber. Aged anywhere from two months to one year, this sleeping beauty’s oak barrel bed helps infuse a balanced flavor of fruits, florals, and spices into the liquid.3 

Reposado’s siesta results in a smooth, complex flavor that teases—but doesn’t overpower—the palate with hints of blue agave taste.

What Drinks Go Best with Reposado?

Reposado is both a leader and a team player. With subtle notes of vanilla, jasmine, and citrus, it captains any cocktail well. When it’s not enhancing the flavors of the ingredients that surround it? This aged tequila just as distinguished by itself. Whether it’s acting alone or playing its part on a team, these drinks absolutely help reposado shine.

  • Reposado Old Fashioned – It’s the best clash of American and Mexican gastronomy since the invention of Tex Mex. We present to you: the reposado old-fashioned. Swap out the bourbon for reposado, and voila! It’s an ingenious twist on the age-old cocktail—uniting the States and Mexico in a North American family reunion.
  • Reposado Manhattan – As sophisticated as a city skyline, using reposado gives a tequila-twist, zesty depth to a classic cocktail. Just fill a mixing glass with ice, 1 ½ ounce of reposado, ½ ounce of your favorite rye, ½ ounce of sweet vermouth, and ½ an ounce of dry vermouth. Drop a dash of Angostura bitters and stir well. Strain into a cocktail glass and say cheers to your new favorite sip. 
  • Reposado Paloma – The Paloma is liquid candy in a rocks glass. It resides at the intersection of deliciously sweet and thrillingly sour. Its invitation to set up camp at its crossroad is an offer we can never refuse. Mix grapefruit juice, lime juice, reposado, and Sprite to get lost in the Paloma’s sunset-y pink tequila dream.
  • Rosemary Grapefruit Spritz – There are things in life that lift us up, and there are things that keep us grounded. The Rosemary Grapefruit Spritz, extraordinarily, does both. The combination of grapefruit juice with Aperol pops like bubbles on your palette, while the sprigs of rosemary and smooth, rich reposado bring depth to the fizzy flavor. It’s a little-known cocktail sure to make a big impact on your home bar menu.

Reposado on the rocks – Cocktails are our craft of choice, but we’d be remiss not to mention the power of a simple reposado on the rocks. Tequila reposado has the distinguishment to follow where other flavors lead, but if left to its own devices, it has the power to truly shine. To enjoy its richness without the distractions, pour up 2 ounces of reposado in a glass and sip ‘till your heart’s content.

Pro tip: Instead of a salt-rimmed glass for your reposado cocktails, opt for a rim of tajín. Tajín is a Mexican spice mixture of chili peppers, lime, and sea salt, and it’s the perfect cherry on top of any tequila-based drink.3

Different types of tequila

A Deep Dive Into Blanco

Blanco is the Cover Girl of the tequila empire. Its clear color and bright taste make it the face of tequila—and the one we are most familiar with. Tequila Blanco is the youngest of all tequila varieties. As opposed to its tequila counterparts, it’s bottled directly following the distillation process—giving it the pure, unfiltered, peppery-citrus agave flavor we have all come to love.

What Drinks Go Best with Blanco?

Blanco is the It-girl of tequilas. Her drinks are always iced, and her fruit is served fresh-sliced. She lives for sunny days on the beach and likes to drive fast in convertible cars. In typical It-girl fashion, the drinks that complement blanco tequila best embody her same personality: bright, brilliant, and unfiltered. 

If you’re looking for a catalog of blanco’s greatest works, try:

  • The Margarita – Nothing like adding blanco to a mixed drink, especially a margarita. Margaritas, with their unbelievably delicious mixture of fruit and alcoholic fun, are undeniably worthy of song. Their simple ingredients yet bright flavors make these blanco tequila cocktails as easy to craft as they are to chug. So pick a fruit, find a recipe, and learn why the margarita is the muse for so many noteworthy tunes.
  • The Bloody Maria – The Bloody Maria is tequila’s version of the Vodka-based Bloody Mary. Interested? Grab your celery sticks (and your favorite Mexican hot sauce too) and get to mixing.
  • The Tequila Sunrise – Yes. It’s as pretty as it sounds. Straight from the beaches of Baja California comes a drink that’ll make you feel as dazzling as a sunrise over the beach. Tequila Sunrise’s classic combination of blanco, orange juice, and grenadine syrup is sure to give you the mood boost you’ve been wanting.
  • El Diablo – This drink is perfection in a highball glass. With its zingy mixture of bold berries, spicy ginger, and zesty lime, one sip of this drink will turn you into a blanco tequila convert.
  • Tequila with Lime – Blanco works amazingly well with other flavors, but if you want to experience all she has to offer by herself, you’ll be rewarded just the same. For an authentic blanco experience, lick a sprinkle of salt, sip a shot of blanco, and suck on a wedge of lime in this exact order.

Whether you like a classic margarita or an old fashion drink, finding the best tequila for you makes all the difference. From anejo tequila cocktails to blanco and reposado cocktails, each tequila type brings unique flavor that adds to the cocktails. 

Toast Up Your Tequila with DRNXMYTH

When it comes to tequila reposado vs blanco, the competition is stiff. Tequila reposado offers a rich, distinctive flavor that only comes with the refinement of maturity and age. Tequila blanco, on the other hand, extends a bright, brilliant life to the party of any cocktail it’s invited to. Whether you’re slowly sipping a neat reposado, or slurping frozen blanco margaritas throughout Happy Hour, know that both choices are equally the best.

Whether you’re a seasoned tequila sommelier or just want to dip your toes into tequila’s water, DRNXMYTH has the cocktail for you. Experience the power and prestige of blanco with our Pineapple Jalepeño Margarita, or gain a taste for reposado’s richness with our Bourbon Sour. Whatever your choice of tequila, with options like reposado and blanco, we know you’ll never choose wrong.


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