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The Timeless Classic

Bourbon Sour

DRNXMYTH ready to drink Bourbon Sour cocktail is bold, with big flavour. Made with high-rye bourbon and fresh orange juice. Our premixed Bourbon Sour cocktail is crafted by Jason Yu. Every bottle of our Bourbon Sour comes cold and ready to serve.
High-rye bourbon bottled at 45% abv in the top chamber is combined with a small-batch bitters. This brings a layered, full-flavored depth along with the fresh lemon and orange juices. The orange juice helps bring down the acidity, which is normally reduced through egg whites, but it also reminds you of a refreshing version of the Old Fashioned.
Here is the exact recipe (in oz's), no additives, artificial ingredients, flavorings or colorants - just pure cocktail goodness: Bourbon (45%) 2.64 - 8 drops of Blackstrap Bitters - Water 0.24 - Lemon juice 0.95 - Orange juice 0.44 - Simple syrup 0.81 - and 3 drops of Salt

Bourbon whiskey

2 servings

16% ABV


Gluten Free


145 Calories Per Serving

Cold Pressed


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Bourbon Whiskey with Fresh Lemon Juice 🍋, Fresh Orange Juice 🍊, Cane Sugar, Blackstrap Bitters






Spirit Forwardness


Sour Factor


Spice Factor

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Jason Yu

"In the beginning, like a lot of bartenders early into the field of recipe writing, I tried to fit as many obscure ingredients I could fit into a drink recipe to make that menu item seem more impressive, even though a lot of the time, it was just OK. I’ve obviously graduated from that and tailored my approach to more approachable, simpler recipes. These days it’s fewer ingredients. Fewer, but higher quality, more refined ingredients." - Jason Yu

The Story Behind It

Maintaining Heritage

Starting off as a popular sea faring drink, the Whiskey Sour was finally brought ashore by sailors, where it gained enough popularity to be included in Thomas’ guide to drinks. The classic recipe for a Whiskey Sour has remained simple: with liquor, lemon, and simple syrup, the drink needs only three ingredients to be delicious.

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