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Ten Spot Offers The Opportunity For Real Connection In This Socially Distanced And Virtual World.

There wasn’t much hope for the killer Christmas party in the year of social distance and working from home. It’s difficult to imagine getting together to celebrate the year 2020. With so much separation, everyone realized the importance of connecting with their coworkers. That’s why many companies turned to host a virtual holiday party this year.

Who Is Ten Spot?

Ten Spot, one of the fastest-growing workforce engagement companies in the U.S., saw the opportunity to equip companies to truly reengage and connect with their employees while maintaining social distancing. Their innovative platform makes engagement easy, so everyone could pull out their Santa hats and have something to look forward to.

a screenshot of a zoom call

Ten Spot Partners with DRNXMYTH to create more opportunities for people to connect over the Holiday Season. 

Recreating the feel and atmosphere of a holiday party in a virtual event was no small task. That’s why Ten Spot partnered with DRNXMYTH. This partnership overcame the challenges present with connecting over the Holidays by fostering the three foundational aspects of connections.

a screenshot of a work zoom call

Shared Experiences:

Relationships are built on the experiences shared between people. 2020 brought a few funny shared experiences like pets entering Zoom calls, funny screen shares, having to take a call from the bathroom because it’s the only quiet place in the house. 2020 was also just difficult because many people lacked real connections and the opportunity to share experiences. 

Giving people the opportunity to share a drink with coworkers like they used to brought a sense of connection they hadn’t felt in months. 


Reflection and Celebration

When COVID hit, most companies doubled down on their efforts in an attempt to save as much money as possible. The word pivot was the new mantra for every employee. When every employee constantly pivots in an attempt to keep the company moving forward, there isn’t much time to appreciate and celebrate the wins. 

The virtual events put on by Ten Spot, and DRNXMYTH provided companies the pause and reflect on the success they had this year. Whether it was that no employees were laid off, they recovered every client they lost, or their company grew, people recognized the successes they experienced over the year. And as a result, they celebrated with some quality cocktails. 


A Shared Vision of the Future

With the immediate effects of COVID in the past, and the new hybrid normal coming into reality, many companies took this opportunity to rally their employees around a shared vision of the future. 

They restored hope in their employees by setting new goals, announcing new initiatives, and reaffirming faith in everyone that their company will become stronger as a result of the lessons learned through 2020. 

When employees recognize they are a part of a mission larger than themselves, they stay with the company despite situations that may look a bit grim. They are more willing to put in the work and find more fulfillment in their role in the company’s overall success. 


Since partnering with DRNXMYTH, Ten Spot has started running more virtual happy hours that deliver higher employee engagement and ROI to customers.

"Integrating DRNXMYTH with Ten Spot's services has been a breeze. Most of our clients have been working from home for an entire year and have no plans of going back into the office or in-person happy hours in 2021. The feedback we've received from our co-hosted virtual happy hours is they get a real chance to bond and get to know other people on their team who they probably wouldn't interact with otherwise."

Shannon Cooke, Director, Production Operations at Ten Spot 


Ten Spot hosted over 10,000 virtual events in 2020. Over 500 of these virtual experiences were Drnxmyth happy hours. 

As a result of these events, our customers saw an increase in employee engagement, productivity, and overall revenue. 

If you are interested in partnering to increase your employee engagement, check out our friends over at Ten Spot.

If you want to host a virtual happy hour, we are happy to help. 

Lastly, if you just need a drink, feel free to browse our full selection.