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2021 Festival Must Haves List

We’re pretty sure that everyone is going to write off 2020 as the year that we want to forget, and while we obviously don’t want to downplay the real issues people have faced, it’s also been a crazy time in regards to socializing and doing the things we used to love the most.


7 Things You Need For A Festival

With festivals slowly becoming an option again, we are totally with the massive crowds wanting to get back in front of the Burning Man, Coachella, and Lollapalooza stages. 

But we all know that there are some differences to festival preparation this years. But, aside from the various restrictions that we may have to face for a while, we still think it’s time to get excited again about prepping our festival must haves list. We’re actually that excited that we’ve already got our festival bags packed. Here’s our festival essential:

1. A Good Tent 

Yeah, you can go ahead and book your exclusive Tipis and hotel rooms near the festival site, but we all know you can only experience the full highs (the amazing atmosphere) and lows (don’t even talk to us about festival toilets) if you stay on site in your own little temporary home. Our recommendation for overcoming the trauma of the toilets? The Bourbon Sour, which really takes the edge off the grim bathroom realities!

2. Boots Or Sturdy Shoes

We don’t want to admit that we’ve started to sound like our own mothers, but honestly, pack the sturdy shoes, your feet, and your soul will thank you later!

3. Hand Sanitizers And Wipes

We’re almost all sick of the sight of hand sanitizer over the past year, but it’s was totally necessary for festival seasons before COVID. So it’s even more essential now. Our cocktail recommendation to rival the alcohol level of hand sanitizers? Our Maple Apple Toddy.

4. Portable Chargers 

On more occasions than we care to remember, we’ve been hyped up in a lovely little festival bubble, having the time of our lives, only to realize that our cellphones are dead, and we weren’t able to catch the happiest moment of our lives within a picture. Take a cute little portable charger and keep your cellphones charged! We really can’t say it any clearer.

5. Food, food, and more food

Sure, you can spend countless dollars eating from the amazing food trucks, but there’s nothing better than collapsing into your tent at 4am and finding that rogue pack of chips that you brought with you. We’re classing snacks and cocktails, like an easily stored and consumed premade drink, as our essential items.

6. Costumes 

These totally aren’t essential to everyone, but we firmly believe they should be!

7. Drinks

We’re going to big ourselves up here because this is absolutely essential; Our 2 x The Full Bar will ensure any festival you attend will go off with a bang.

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