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Describe Yourself As A Cocktail

Yep, that’s right, we’ve ventured down this road of convincing you to match up aspects of your personality with our alcoholic beverages. We didn’t think this would work...and yet here you are! (If this is a Sunday night pity-read then we’ll allow it, but we won’t forgive it!) Here’s how to describe yourself as a cocktail.

What Cocktail Are You?

We admit, we aren’t Buzzfeed (you’re saying we’re better than Buzfeed? We’ll take it!) but we’ll absolutely give this a whirl.

Let’s crack on then…


Bourbon Sour

Are you bold, outspoken and highly likely to describe yourself as a “Certified Queen” when looking at yourself in your bathroom mirror on a regular basis? Yep? Then the Bourbon Sour is the drink for you, my friend! 

It’s punchy with a big flavour, yet has the amazingly comforting taste of the All American Bourbon that we know and love!

Rum Punch

Ok, so if you’re a Rum Punch you’d describe yourself as a bit of a sweetheart, but with strong streetwise vibes.

You can be genuinely lovely and lighthearted, but you pack a powerful strength when necessary and aren’t afraid to be bolshy. You’d describe your perfect holiday as being a kickboxing camp on a beach in Paradise, because ya know, it’s all about balance.

Mexican Coffee

Oh hello! If you describe yourself as Mexican Coffee, you’re literally everything we want to be in life. You’re strong, spicy, unbelievably sultry but with a really solid and dependable personality.

You’re likely to have traveled or have a lot of life experience, some would call you an old soul in a young body - we’re very jealous that you’ve got this amazing personality!

Clover Club

You’re definitely our Clover Club if you’re calm, collected, slightly aloof but with a hidden depth of fruitiness and excitement!

You like to keep things quite traditional, but enjoy mixing up the vibe with a bit of modern freshness and aren’t afraid to put a fun spin on everyday situations, while maintaining your composure.

Apricot Rye Smash

If you’re really mellow, an absolute sweetheart, but with a little kick of sultry spice then you’re definitely our Apricot Rye Smash.

People love to party with you as you always have the best time, but manage to give everyone the gift of an immense hangover if you go a little too far!

Maple Apple Toddy

There’s nothing better than being a really comforting, dependable homebody, but with that little injection of fun; if that sounds like you, then you’re definitely a Maple Apple Toddy.

If people say that they can rely on you to make them feel super comfortable, relaxed and happy, then you’ve definitely found the cocktail which suits you perfectly.

Smoked Watermelon

If you’re loving and caring, but with a really cool and mysterious edge, then you’re definitely Smoked Watermelon.

We’d say this personality was the best of the best in our opinion, and anyone who knows you should be honoured.

Can’t decide which cocktail matches your personality? You can order our Full Bar and decide for yourself!