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The Best Cocktail and Food Pairings

We love pairing our cocktails with a great meal. But we know it can be confusing to predict which combination will work best. Our most important tip: keep it simple and pair your cocktail with a cuisine or dish that matches its intensity and personality. Here’s some ideas to get you started.

Classic Margarita 

Don’t get us wrong – we love washing down tacos with a cold Classic Margarita – but when we feel like mixing it up a bit, we turn to Thai food. The fresh-squeezed lime juice in the Margarita easily compliments the cuisine’s zesty dishes like papaya salads and curries.

The Eastside 

With a subtle charm, this gin-based cocktail does best with a meal of delicate flavors that won’t overpower. The blend of cucumber and mint is the perfect companion for an elegant sushi dinner or a picnic lunch of veggie sandwiches. 

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Bourbon Sour

Juicy and tart, this drink is bold enough to handle hearty burgers all of kinds – beef, veggie or even Impossible. Bonus points if it’s slathered with BBQ sauce which will nicely highlight the bourbon’s caramel undertones.

Rum Punch

This tropical, tiki-inspired cocktail was made for anything salty, from popcorn to fried seafood. We love leaning into the Rum Punch cocktail’s coconut notes pairing it with a big batch of fried coconut shrimp. It’s fruity and refreshing, but not too sweet that it overwhelms the meal. If you really want to get some island vibes going, complete your local luau with a ready-made Spiced Mai Tai cocktail to get the whole group going “aloha”!

Ginger Drop

Bright and sassy, the Ginger Drop has plenty of zing. We think it plays nicely with the herbaceous flavors of mint and cilantro often found Vietnamese cuisine. If you ask us, a Ginger Drop and a bánh mì sounds like a great Sunday at the park.