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Tips for Your Virtual Happy Hour

Because the COVID-19 crisis has closed many offices, co-workers have been turning to digital or virtual happy hours for team-building opportunities. Conversations around the world have shifted to virtual happy hours, increasing by 1,505% in March 2020! Here are some helpful tips to make yours more successful and avoid the awkward happy hour flop. 

While our favorite is Zoom, there are many other options for software when virtually chatting with your team. FaceTime, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams are just a few, each with their own benefits.

Try to get in an area that is well lit and quiet, with minimal potential distractions or interruptions. With the entire country practicing social distancing, however, companies are well aware that interruptions do happen, and it’s the norm these days to expect the unexpected during a virtual hangout. 

Getting together virtually with your team on a Friday at 3pm is a great way to close out a busy week. But, staring at a 4x4 grid of faces is a bit more awkward than hanging out at the bar, so it’s best practice to have something (aside from cocktails) to break the ice.

We recommend games like trivia, Jeopardy!, two truths and a lie, or — our absolute favorite — the Jackbox Party Pack series. Jackbox has seen a huge increase in downloads since the pandemic hit, and many team-building events have already started a weekly ritual of spinning up one of the many games offered in the Party Pack.

Prepare your cocktails, snacks, appetizers, and accoutrements before happy hour starts. We obviously suggest our amazing handcrafted cocktails, which are available for same-day delivery in cities across the country and are expanding to more soon. Check out our cocktail delivery in NYC, cocktail delivery in Miami, cocktail delivery in Los Angeles, and cocktail delivery in San Diego for more details. Having cocktails sent to your team is an easy way to ensure that every member is ready to "cheers" at the end of the week. 

Team-building never tasted so good!


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